Silicone Release Film

Silicone Release Film

Silicone Release Film

Silicone release film is coating silicone on base film to make release force for adhesive. These base films are: PET, LDPE, HDPE, PP. Silicone release film best benefit is cheap and substrates being used in a release liner makes up over 20% of the release liner market and is growing steadily. There are usually cost savings seen due to faster production, more labels per reel and a potential broader range of adhesive options.

Using PET as a base material. Its surface coating of ultra-thin layer of silicon from the type of material. The products are widely used in protective film, adhesive products, die-cutting pressing and demoulding, MLCC and other industries. It plays a very good isolation and protection role.

Force-One's Silicone Release Liner can apply the release force from 1g to 200g.And have difference thickness. It can fit what you want, welcome to contact us.

Force-One's Silicone Release Liner Substrate Benefits:

1. Dimensional Stability

2. Smoothness

3. Clear or Colored

4. Strength

5. Tensile Properties

6. Gauge Control

7. Very high heat resistance

Silicone Release Film TDS COA

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