Fluorosilicone Release Film

Fluorosilicone Release Film

Fluorosilicone Release Film

Fluorosilicone release film normally using on adhesive with silicone. Because if it use silicone release film with silicone adhesive, they will chemical reaction. So if the pressure sensitive adhesive with silicone, it will use Fluorosilicone release film. Force-One produce the release films with special formula and reliable coating process. Our high quality release films have been successfully applied to all kinds of PSA tapes. We still have double-sided release films and also slit the film into the size customers required.

Force-One's Fluorosilicone Release Liner Substrate Benefits:

1. Dimensional Stability

2. Smoothness

3. Clear or Colored

4. Strength

5. Tensile Properties

6. Gauge Control

7. Very high heat resistance

Fluorosilicone Release Film TDS COA

Fluorosilicone Release Film